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1st Hole

A challenging opening hole especially for women.  Unless you are at the 150 metre marker you will have a blind shot  to the green.  Use the large gums behind the green as aiming points.  From about the 150 metre mark the fairway is downhill and you will be shooting to a green sloping away from you.  Out of bounds along the left.  Rated number 3.

2nd Hole

A slight dogleg to the right to a 2 tiered green.  Trees from the 150 to about 75 metres from the green on the right will catch a wayward drive.  Rated number 7

3rd Hole

A shortish par 4 which belies its rating as the easiest hole.  This is due to the upturned saucer of a green.  You need to be accurate.  Birdie material for the longer hitter.

4th Hole

This is hardest hole on the course and is the Club's signature hole and a par is a good achievement for most golfers.  A double dogleg.  The driving area is tricky and the fairway narrows the closer you get to the green.   You will need to hit both downhill and uphill shots.  The fairway is tree lined so you have to be accurate tee to green.  Enjoy this monster of 569 metres.  On the second time around (the 13th.) another tee is used which reduces the length of the hole to 501 metres but don't be fooled it still isn't easy.

5th Hole

This hole has you hitting across a valley to a tree lined fairway with a sweeping dogleg to the right.  Again accuracy is crucial.  Longer hitters have a chance to be on for 2.  Rated number 5

6th Hole

A straight forward par 3 but don’t be long.  Rated 13.

Although this looks relatively easy at 153 metres there have only been 2 hole-in-ones recorded on this hole.  One to Glen Templeton and the other to Dorothy Weedon.

7th Hole

A straight par 4 to a tiered green.  Rated number 11

8th Hole

A great par 3 with outstanding views to the ocean.  The green is cut into the side of the hill so you need to be accurate.  There is out of bounds below the green to the right – if you go there, forget the ball.  This hole is rated number 9.

There have to date only been 2 hole-in-ones scored here since the Club opened in 1987.   Stan Hardcastle achieved one on 8th. February 2003 and his wife Dot scored one on the 27th. May, 2014.


9th Hole

A slight dogleg to the right.  Although there are trees either side of the fairway it is fairly open.  The green can be tricky if you are above the hole – it slopes left to right.  It should be noted that a recent planting of several blackwood trees along the right hand rough has made this hole a trickier proposition with a drive just off the fairway.


The hole is rated 15.